Sunday, January 4, 2015

Teaching is getting easier

wow what a great week! we finally have a new investigator! a samoan man with 8 kids we have high hopes from him:) the weather has been so hot and we have been working so hard. i went on 2 trade offs this week and i think thats when we have the most succus and i love the guys i trade off with ;) elder taylor is the man he is going to go to byu and hes so loving, and loves football;) i am glad the holidays are over cuz now people have no excuse to let us in so thats good:) but ya its all good over here in the nzam! thank you doug and claytons familys and also grampa and grandma peterson for the christmas cards! they really helped out i loved it and pics of all of us cousins:) i miss them all and miss you all, but the work must go on! i am still working on my cooking and mom youll be proud, i lost weight;) haha teaching is getting easier, and i love personal study time:) the beeest. comp study is ok, i jsut hate roll plays;) so ya nothing to comploain about! love you all be safe:)

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