Monday, January 19, 2015

Goodbye Howick

goodbye Howick! yup i got transferred this last Thursday and now i am in Mt Roskill with Elder Blake from Boston! he is a goober but he is funny and its all good! its such a rich area so no one to teach really but its a nice area and our flat is top 5 nicest in the mission! if you look up the land mark one tree hill on the internet you will see my area and my flat is like 2 min away form the hill. we run mostly for mornings, and we stay with the zone leaders and Elder Obeng is from Nebraska and he is very black;) haha he's sooooo cool and very funny. our ward is... getting there;) not many members, and our area is really close to down town Auckland. soooo many people. im sad i left my last area:( there was elder walker in my last zone and he is from south London! and he goes home in 5 weeks and he promised he would find kyler for me! so its all good:))) things are great! I'm all good and its so hot here but i will live;) thanks for all the love support and prayers, the best:)) mom and dad! happy b day yesterday mom!:))) 38 never looked sooo good!:)) but that's so cool! but no dad i didn't put the straps anywhere? i haha and it wasn't that big of a feast ;) it's a Tongan feast, very diff;)) haha and wow my flat now is soooo nice so my bros should be jealous;)) i love you and am all good:)) thanks! and wow another bike?;)))) i love you both so much thanks for all the support!!!

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