Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sid Goeing

dear fam and friends! epsom ward is doing great! no investigators yet but its a pretty rich area so just gotta work smarter, but boy was it hot this week and we had to bike kinda a lot! yes dad sid goeing is the temple president here and i have met him twice, i am taller then him, just saying;) also johna lomu is in my ward and they say he was the michell jorden of rugby but i dont really care, haha i gave a talk in church yesterday and i think i am getting the hang of it! maybe cuz i didnt know any one in the building ;) but a man from a boarding home came just to hear me speak so that was cool! hes really nice just doesnt really believe, in god or much really its pretty sad but it was way cool, the ward here is really willing and we think good work is coming! i got to go on a trade off with tongan elders! the one i went with he played football and rugby at bingham high so that waas cool! but hes in the tongan ward, so every person we met with only spoke tongan so i was soooo lost;) but it was so cool just to be able to talk to, or listen to tongans all day! dad youll be happy i have eggs almost every day and mom youll be happy to here i put spinich in it! elder cook

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