Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sid Goeing

dear fam and friends! epsom ward is doing great! no investigators yet but its a pretty rich area so just gotta work smarter, but boy was it hot this week and we had to bike kinda a lot! yes dad sid goeing is the temple president here and i have met him twice, i am taller then him, just saying;) also johna lomu is in my ward and they say he was the michell jorden of rugby but i dont really care, haha i gave a talk in church yesterday and i think i am getting the hang of it! maybe cuz i didnt know any one in the building ;) but a man from a boarding home came just to hear me speak so that was cool! hes really nice just doesnt really believe, in god or much really its pretty sad but it was way cool, the ward here is really willing and we think good work is coming! i got to go on a trade off with tongan elders! the one i went with he played football and rugby at bingham high so that waas cool! but hes in the tongan ward, so every person we met with only spoke tongan so i was soooo lost;) but it was so cool just to be able to talk to, or listen to tongans all day! dad youll be happy i have eggs almost every day and mom youll be happy to here i put spinich in it! elder cook

Monday, January 19, 2015

Goodbye Howick

goodbye Howick! yup i got transferred this last Thursday and now i am in Mt Roskill with Elder Blake from Boston! he is a goober but he is funny and its all good! its such a rich area so no one to teach really but its a nice area and our flat is top 5 nicest in the mission! if you look up the land mark one tree hill on the internet you will see my area and my flat is like 2 min away form the hill. we run mostly for mornings, and we stay with the zone leaders and Elder Obeng is from Nebraska and he is very black;) haha he's sooooo cool and very funny. our ward is... getting there;) not many members, and our area is really close to down town Auckland. soooo many people. im sad i left my last area:( there was elder walker in my last zone and he is from south London! and he goes home in 5 weeks and he promised he would find kyler for me! so its all good:))) things are great! I'm all good and its so hot here but i will live;) thanks for all the love support and prayers, the best:)) mom and dad! happy b day yesterday mom!:))) 38 never looked sooo good!:)) but that's so cool! but no dad i didn't put the straps anywhere? i haha and it wasn't that big of a feast ;) it's a Tongan feast, very diff;)) haha and wow my flat now is soooo nice so my bros should be jealous;)) i love you and am all good:)) thanks! and wow another bike?;)))) i love you both so much thanks for all the support!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

1st Tongan feed!


great sunny day here in new zealand:) thank you all for the amazing letters i loved them! i think i finally got all Christmas cards;) they are the best. well i had my first Tongan feed this week. and i had horse for the first time ever. it was.  yaaaa;) all i could think about was Tex! but it was pretty good. and i drank out of a coconut!  ha this family was bush people for sure straight from Tonga;) haha this week has been crazy 5 new investigators holy crap! noone progressing yet so its not the best but we are hoping to get this Samoan man there just a word of wisdom concern and he would be there. and we have met alot of new people. i have now been on 7 trade offs and its very nerve racking but thats when we do our best work i love it!  elder jontson is from Australia and has 13 brothers and sisters but he is the man:) we found 4 potentials when i was with him he is for sure a man of the lord;) other then that i am all good and loving helping people!  still no one who wants to play ball yet dad but i am having to finally pay for my bike now:( ah gay.  and i do have a hole in my sheets but good thing i have two! but mom i think  a sister falua might have sent you some pics? if you could forward those to aspen thatd be the best:) thank you for all the love, testimonies, prayers, and support:) the islanders are the beeeest and they feed you so much;) they dont eat while you eat they just bring more food out and sit there and fan away the flies. ya im pretty much a king here;) and then when you cant eat any more. then they bring out dessert;) haha it is really tough. the portion sizes might kill me;)  i love you all so much and thank you!

elder cook

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Met Your Son

Tapena Folu (
 I met your son (Elder Cook) and his companion at our Stake Center
yesterday. He's a very nice young lad. I took a photo of him an his companion thinking that you might like it.He is not in my ward but he's in our stake.
The mission had a trade off today and he is with one of our missionary. They came to my house and shared a scripture with my family. He's going to be a great instrument of our Heaven Father. Thank you for sharing your missionary with us.
They just left my home.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kinda Slow

Could you maybe elaborate a little more / expound how the work in your area is doing? etc. its kinda slow im not going to lie. its tough. we do have a new investigator this week tho! so that is awe3soe! how was the jazz game? who did they play? how did the jazz do?? is byu basketball doing ok?? i hople so!

I am all good

wow tablet. gettin crazy dad;) ya i got to watch a little and i showed elder kump! gosh i hate the sec ;) who is the national champ? ha i kinda want arizona to win the super bowl but hey what can i do about it. thats awesome your did primary! you shouldstay in it. my president is the man he is so funny its just the best and so so hot here. thank you for all the suport and no i think i am all good everything is going great!

Teaching is getting easier

wow what a great week! we finally have a new investigator! a samoan man with 8 kids we have high hopes from him:) the weather has been so hot and we have been working so hard. i went on 2 trade offs this week and i think thats when we have the most succus and i love the guys i trade off with ;) elder taylor is the man he is going to go to byu and hes so loving, and loves football;) i am glad the holidays are over cuz now people have no excuse to let us in so thats good:) but ya its all good over here in the nzam! thank you doug and claytons familys and also grampa and grandma peterson for the christmas cards! they really helped out i loved it and pics of all of us cousins:) i miss them all and miss you all, but the work must go on! i am still working on my cooking and mom youll be proud, i lost weight;) haha teaching is getting easier, and i love personal study time:) the beeest. comp study is ok, i jsut hate roll plays;) so ya nothing to comploain about! love you all be safe:)