Sunday, January 11, 2015

1st Tongan feed!


great sunny day here in new zealand:) thank you all for the amazing letters i loved them! i think i finally got all Christmas cards;) they are the best. well i had my first Tongan feed this week. and i had horse for the first time ever. it was.  yaaaa;) all i could think about was Tex! but it was pretty good. and i drank out of a coconut!  ha this family was bush people for sure straight from Tonga;) haha this week has been crazy 5 new investigators holy crap! noone progressing yet so its not the best but we are hoping to get this Samoan man there just a word of wisdom concern and he would be there. and we have met alot of new people. i have now been on 7 trade offs and its very nerve racking but thats when we do our best work i love it!  elder jontson is from Australia and has 13 brothers and sisters but he is the man:) we found 4 potentials when i was with him he is for sure a man of the lord;) other then that i am all good and loving helping people!  still no one who wants to play ball yet dad but i am having to finally pay for my bike now:( ah gay.  and i do have a hole in my sheets but good thing i have two! but mom i think  a sister falua might have sent you some pics? if you could forward those to aspen thatd be the best:) thank you for all the love, testimonies, prayers, and support:) the islanders are the beeeest and they feed you so much;) they dont eat while you eat they just bring more food out and sit there and fan away the flies. ya im pretty much a king here;) and then when you cant eat any more. then they bring out dessert;) haha it is really tough. the portion sizes might kill me;)  i love you all so much and thank you!

elder cook

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