Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Phone Call

December 14, 2014

Dear Families

The missionary handbook teaches:

"You may telephone your parents on Christmas day and one other time during the year (usually Mother's Day), according to guidelines from your mission president.  Take care that these calls do not pull your thoughts away from your service or create a financial problem for your family.  Keep them short (preferably no longer than 30 or 40 minutes).  Other than these calls, do not telephone family members or friends unless you have permission from your mission president."

This email is to let you know that your missionary son or daughter will be phoning home on Thursday 25th December, we ask you to help them be obedient to this privilege by:

*  Remembering that the phone call is only to be 30-40 minutes long.
*  Make this call an uplifting and positive experience for everyone.

Because of the differences in time zones all missionaries will be able to place their call so that they will be able to talk with you on your Christmas day.  You may want to email them and set a convenient time for them to call.

Unfortunately we will not be allowing video calls as we can’t consistently use it across the mission.  Each Elder and Sister will purchase their own phone/calling card to make the phone call to you.

We are so grateful to have your son or daughter serving in the New Zealand Auckland Mission (the greatest mission in the world!!!!!).  Thank you for raising such a wonderful missionary.

We want you to know that we love them and feel blessed to have them serving here with us.  May you and your family continue to be blessed while they are serving the Lord here in New Zealand.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

President and Sister Balli
New Zealand Auckland Mission

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